Stories of Overcoming

Connection keeps us alive. Connection to God, to others, and to our selves. In an hour that encourages isolation and fear, it’s more important than ever to share our stories of victory as lifelines to others facing hard and ugly battles. Because whether we realize it or not, our songs of victory have the ability to echo across time and generations, taking root in the deep places of a person’s heart where and when they need it the most.

While the circumstances of our personal stories may all look a little different, the roots of what we all face as humans are more common than they are different: Fear. Loneliness. Hopelessness. Pain. Each one of us needs to know that we aren’t alone in what we are facing. That someone, somewhere, has faced these mountains we face, and has overcome.

Our stories – testimonies of what God has done – are a lifeline to someone else fighting for a breakthrough.
Fighting for hope. Fighting to live in the fullness of a life promised living with God.

These are stories of overcoming. This is Mountains Into Roads : The Podcast.

Coming In May.

Take An Adventure Within

Real stories of ferocious faith in the midst of life’s hard and ugly battles.

Tune in each week as Shawna Kaszer walks with guests down the paths of their past, bringing empowering conversations of God at work during what feels like the darkest hours. Their stories of overcoming might just carry something you need for your own journey. 

The battle may be challenging – but it’s worth the fight when the victory is the abundant life you were created for. 

Coming in May to:

The story that
started it all.

In her memoir ‘Mountains Into Roads,’ Shawna Kaszer brings readers along in her ’88 Bronco for the road trip adventure of a lifetime. Nearly ten years after losing her mom, Shawna finds herself stuck, the grief from loss still affecting every area of her life: family, career, marriage, friendships. Rather than become a slave to what was, she and her husband pack up their NYC apartment and take off on a cross country adventure to face it all, changing what could be. Memories from her past begin to collide with her present out on the open road, creating powerful opportunities for God to move. And He does! Her encounters with God up the peaks of mountains, diving into frigid cold waters, and crashing down the pits of sand dunes are an invitation to open your heart to Him in new ways as she takes you through grief and healing.

Discover what happens when God reflects your own story back to you while riding along on this intimate journey through grieving into wholeness and hope renewed.


"We were creating the story we would leave behind as we went, and for the first time in a long time, I felt empowered by the unwritten pages still ahead."

Mountains Into Roads

Isaiah 49:11  “I will turn all my mountains into roads…”

A note from Shawna :

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a list of ‘somedays.’ Someday I’ll do this great thing. Then that great thing. I’ll move to Los Angeles. Make great theater and movies. Marry my sweetheart. Choose my own path. Until a sudden plot twist changed life as I knew it, putting a mountain between me and my growing list of hopes and dreams. The future I once felt so sure of was almost impossible to see. God opened a window of opportunity to go after one of my somedays, and with my ‘yes’ He leveled that mountain and turned it into a great story of redemption, which I turned into my book ‘Mountains Into Roads.’

After receiving such touching messages from people reading my story, I realized how desperately people need connection in this hour. Story is what roots that connection in the deep and meaningful ways that bring healing and hope.  Sometimes, no matter how in tune we are, we just can’t seem to make our way through the web of many threads of our own life until God gives us glimpses of our life through someone else’s story. We begin to see and understand ourselves more clearly. We find something we need: Hope. Freedom. Faith. Courage. The feeling that we aren’t alone in this world

I’m here to help share the stories that inspire the hope for victory in others. You are here to connect. To be encouraged…to awaken your tired soul…or maybe just to practice the simple art of feeling something for someone else. That’s the beautiful thing about story: stories connect us to one another. They connect us to God. They even connect us to ourselves. Each time a person shares their victory, faith ignites in someone else, and hope spreads like wildfire.

I hope you find something just for you here. I hope, perhaps, that you leave with a little more hope than you came.


With love and deep gratitude,


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