Mountains Into Roads

Sometimes, the most courageous thing we can do to fight for the life we know we were created to live comes down to one single word. It can be the hardest word, but the start to a great adventure: YES.

In her debut memoir, Shawna Kaszer shares the story of her own ‘yes,’ inviting readers on an intimate journey across the country, and across her heart. Nearly ten years after losing her mom, Shawna found herself stuck, still dealing with the aftermath of her mother’s death. Faced with failed efforts to start a family of their own, and the many ‘somedays’ they were forced to put on the shelf during her mom’s illness, Shawna and her husband pack up their New York City apartment and take off across the country in an ’88 Bronco to find freedom from their past and hope for their future.

Despite her best efforts to remain present on the trip of a lifetime, memories buried behind closed doors begin to spill out on the open road, confronting her on sand dunes, beneath waterfalls, and amongst the wild as past and present are woven together on an epic road trip and an adventure within. With her husband by her side, their bucking Bronco takes them on a wild ride of redemption, to divine meetings with colorful characters, through extraordinary encounters and magical moments with God on a journey to find healing, wholeness, and hope restored.

I believe in the freedom to choose value for value, the power of exchange, the joy of generosity, and that the gifts of God are given freely. That is why here, exclusively on my website, I’m offering you the option to pay what you choose for ‘Mountains Into Roads,’  and why I have made the e-book available online for just ninety-nine cents. Because I want you to have this book, and I’m confident it will bless you! Pay what you choose below, or you can purchase the e-book on Amazon. I pray this book ignites a spark within that sends you out on your own great adventure of freedom, healing, and wholeness.  –  Shawna Kaszer

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