Hi, I’m Shawna, and if you happen to meet me in a coffee shop or at a party (a rare occasion being that I have three young kids and am happiest under a blanket on my couch) I’m the person who skips the small talk and goes straight to asking about your dreams. I live in the deep that calls unto deep, and long to dive into those depths with every stroke of the pen, every strike of the keyboard, and every story I share.

Growing up, I repeatedly heard I was ‘too strong to be so sensitive,’ and by deduction, equated ‘sensitive’ with wrong. I spent far too long trying to build up the thick skin needed for my strength to be fully realized, unable to see that sensitivity was my strength. What a superpower to discover – that what the world called weak was actually my weapon to wield. Now, I attune my sensitivity to God, moving in strength and in step with His stirrings. Sharing the stories that shape souls, and casting the vision that shapes the spheres most influential to society.

Authenticity and integrity matter more to me than fame or fortune. What happens in the secret place matters more to me than what happens on the social platforms. I’m a straight shooter with a mama’s heart, driven to see people transformed by truth and love.

I tend to carry the message of the next season, which means many find my voice in tension with the present, and that’s okay. I’ve learned that most of life is lived in these tensions between now and next; between Heaven and Earth. My great hope is that we can learn to find peace and gratitude within these tensions that hold us in constant balance between living fully free and fully surrendered

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