Shawna Kaszer is a prophetic storyteller using her vision and voice to reveal and direct the way forward for leaders in media, marketplace, and ministry. 

Shawna has a rare ability to see and articulate what God is doing in our moment and what we must do in response. Committed to authenticity and integrity, she has collaborated with creators, filmmakers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, global organizations, ministries and non-profits. She intuitively pioneers and pivots projects and platforms into alignment with what God is doing and where He is leading. 

As a storyteller at heart, some of Shawna’s favorite projects are the ones she herself has helped shape. From a decade-long collaboration creating the documentary All I Can Say, to her memoir of freedom and healing on a great cross-country road-trip adventure, she is always writing and developing compelling heart-works of her own. 

Partnered with her husband, Chad, the two run a prophetic venture studio, Firstlighters, where she leads a growing Spirit-led creative community. They also started a merchandise collection that carries a conviction of their hearts of the transformative power of families in communities: The Future Is Family. After living in NYC and LA where they started a house church that is still thriving today, God called Shawna’s family to Georgia, where she and her husband serve in apostolic leadership of Revive The Way

Shawna’s most important roles in her life are wife and mother. She and Chad now live in Atlanta, Georgia, raising their three beautiful children, and are excited for the dreams and promises that continue to unfold as they live in obedience and faith

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