Adventure within.

In her memoir ‘Mountains Into Roads,’ Shawna brings readers along in her ’88 Bronco for the road trip adventure of a lifetime. Nearly ten years after losing her mom, Shawna finds herself stuck, the grief from loss still affecting every area of her life: family, career, marriage, friendships. Rather than become a slave to what was, she and her husband pack up their NYC apartment and take off on a cross country adventure to face it all, changing what could be.

About Shawna Kaszer

Shawna is a storyteller whose work spans film, theater, and multi-disciplinary creative arts experiences. She has been both in front of and behind the camera, studying acting and film at USC along with the Stella Adler Studio in Los Angeles, to name a few. She’s performed in various film productions in LA and NYC as well as performed and directed theatre. Most recently, she saw the release of the documentary ‘All I Can Say’ – which she helped produce – premiere at Tribeca Film Festival. She also released her book ‘Mountains Into Roads,’ her story of a wild road-trip adventure across the country and across the heart. Shawna is a prophetic voice who tends to carry the message of the next season, often writing within the tensions that hold us in constant balance between Heaven and Earth; living fully free and fully surrendered. Having enjoyed living on both coasts for many years, she now calls the South home, where she lives with her husband and young children.