Mountains Into Roads

In her memoir ‘Mountains Into Roads,’ Shawna Kaszer brings readers along in her ’88 Bronco for the road trip adventure of a lifetime. Nearly ten years after losing her mom, Shawna finds herself stuck, the grief still affecting every area of her life. Rather than become a slave to what was, she and her husband pack up their NYC apartment and take off on a cross country adventure to face it all, changing what could be.

Memories from the past begin to collide with the present out on the open road, creating powerful encounters with God that bring radical freedom, healing, and renewed hope. Diving into frigid cold waters, getting caught in lightning storms on mountain-tops, even crashing down the pits of sand dunes, Shawna faces her past for the sake of their future.

A cross country adventure becomes more than a road trip in the wild, it becomes a pilgrimage of the soul; an adventure within. Hop into the passenger seat of this powerful story, drenched with ache and beauty that will grip your heart. Shawna’s journey captures divine meetings with colorful characters, magical moments with nature, and eye opening encounters with the Spirit of God out on the open road that will awaken your soul and leave you able to feel your own heart beating again.

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A note from Shawna:

A Note From Shawna:

“I will turn all my mountains into roads…” Isaiah 49:11

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a list of ‘somedays.’ Someday I’ll do this great thing. Then that great thing. I’ll move to Los Angeles. Make great theater and movies. Marry my sweetheart. Choose my own path.

Until a sudden plot twist changed life as I knew it, putting a mountain between me and my growing list of hopes and dreams. The future I once felt so sure of was almost impossible to see. So I did the only thing I could do when everything was out of my control: I prayed. I asked, and God opened a window of opportunity to go after one of my somedays. With my ‘yes’ He leveled that mountain and turned it into a great story of redemption: forgiveness, freedom, healing, and hope. Which I turned into my book ‘Mountains Into Roads.’

I believe with my whole heart that this book will awaken your sleeping soul and invite the fire back into your life. There is freedom, healing, wholeness, and a life fully alive on the road ahead, and it’s only one ‘yes’ away!

I pray you find something special within these pages just for you.

With love and deep gratitude, Shawna Kaszer

What readers are saying:

A style reminiscent of Ann Voskamp

July 11, 2023

Shawna writes her beautiful story of God’s healing touch while on a life-transforming road trip with her husband. Writing in a style reminiscent of Ann Voskamp, we join Shawna and Chad on a trip of a lifetime where every corner reveals the love of Jesus to heal every broken heart, including yours. The author invites you to join the sojourn with her where the mountains of life’s obstacles are changed into roads of healing and fulfillment.


A vulnerable and powerful memoir

July 11, 2023

The moment I could get my hands on it I read Mountains Into Roads. The journey Shawna Kaszer takes you on is both comforting and compelling. She taps into the human condition without judgement and weaves her relationship with God in seamlessly. A vulnerable and powerful memoir – I highly recommend it for anyone who needs to be reminded to live life fully and wholly.


My favorite of the whole year!

July 11, 2023

Such a great read. My favorite of the whole year! Shawna is genuine and her writing draws you in like an old, familiar friend. This book reminded me that God is not only loving & sovereign but personal. What a beautiful story. Must read.


This is one of those books

July 11, 2023

Her storytelling reads like a movie, it’s so colorful and easy to take in. She doesn’t shy away from the ‘real,’ her open, raw relatability speaks easily to men and women alike. Each page is packed with wisdom and adventure! Shawna’s testimony prompted well needed tears, laughter, and above all, a stirring of my own heart. My own ‘yes’ and ‘some days’ that are still there, now woken to the revelation that they ARE important – to me, the world, and God’s heart.


Soaked in truth, hope, healing, and love

July 11, 2023

I’m not sure I can adequately describe what this book did for my heart and soul. It’s not one filled with catchy phrases or a quick nuggets of wisdom. It’s soaked in truth, hope, healing, and love. It’s one you don’t want to put down but need to every once in a while just to process and ruminate over all you’ve read. This book buoyed me up and carried me right into the arms of the God of hope in a season where I didn’t even know I needed it. I can’t recommend this memoir enough. Order it, read it, sit with it, and let it transform you.